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OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

"OEM vs Aftermarket and LQK"

It’s a matter of SAFETY

In today’s insurance-driven market, we’re concerned about your safety rather than saving your insurance company money.

Black Walnut Body Works recognizes and understands the importance of original manufacturer parts being used in the repair of your vehicle.

We have a very limited select list of aftermarket & recycled parts sources we will endorse for use that we feel will not compromise the quality or safety of your vehicle.

We feel that your safety is far more important than saving your insurance company money by using substandard aftermarket parts to repair your vehicle.

It’s a matter of QUALITY

Your vehicle is likely your second biggest investment, so it’s important to keep it as close to the original condition as possible after an accident.

Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Equipment Parts, commonly referred to as OEM or OE, are parts designed by the manufacturer of your vehicle and are produced under the same specifications as the parts that were made when your vehicle was originally built.

These parts, as is your entire vehicle, are held to strict government requirements for fit, finish, structural integrity, corrosion protection, and dent resistance.

They are the only parts that have proven to deliver the highest level of protection on your entire vehicle.

“When You Don't Think Of Them As Dummies, Something Amazing Happens"


"Crash Tests Prove Aftermarket Auto Parts & Non OEM Repairs Cause Serious Injuries"

It's a matter of PROOF

Todd Tracy explains how not using OEM parts and repair procedures throws the critical safety systems out of synch.

Watch the video to the left to learn more about the injuries.

Todd Tracy prepared a lawsuit against the auto insurance companies on behalf of collision repair businesses to out of pocket monies spent to repair vehicles with OEM parts and repairs that were rejected by insurance estimators.